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I have to share my story, just in case there is anyone out there who might be on the fence about getting a massage or trying a technique called cupping. Or maybe they just have the same mindset that I had for the past 20+ years – massages are only for those who have the time and money to be pampered or need to relax…..NOT TRUE!!
I decided to try getting a massage because I had the opportunity to meet Adam Stephens, LMT and discuss some of the benefits of massage specifically for my personal needs. I HAD (note the use of the past tense) horrible sciatic nerve pain, numbness and tingling down my leg after sitting or standing for 30 minutes. I also had chronic low back pain and knee pain. 

I tried everything that I could think of – orthopedic specialists, shots in my knees, physical therapy numerous times and chiropractic care. None of these therapies worked. So I thought what do I have to lose? 
We started by working on the sciatic nerve issue and I have had tremendous relief – now I need to mention that I am a Personal Trainer and a fitness instructor and I teach a stretch/mat yoga class 5 times a week so I was skeptical, to say the least. I am no longer a skeptic! So after we started getting relief on the lower back and sciatic issue I happened to mention that I had a tingling in my upper thoracic that felt like electricity/twitching 24/7. It was such a part of my life that when Adam asked what areas we should work on it never entered my mind.
I even remember when it started in May 1993 – I had just had my son. I had reached overhead and felt a pull and then the electrical current never went away. It just became a part of life. For several years I saw doctors, specialists, you name it and I finally gave up. I thought after I had a breast reduction (15 pounds removed) it would go away. It did not…but I was used to it at this point and more concerned with the other aches and pains that I had.
Once I mentioned this strange electrical current/twitch/tingle (it’s hard to explain) Adam had a different idea – he decided to try cupping. I was intrigued and again thought what do I have to lose? So cupping we did and immediately the tingling stopped. The non-stop twitch of electricity that I have lived with for almost 26 years was gone. After the first session! I couldn’t believe it. 
And every day after I have continued to pay particular attention to that area, just to make sure it is really gone. I continue to have my massage therapy and my cupping because why would I stop now. But I am a firm believer in the fact that it worked. And I would recommend the massage and the cupping therapy to anyone regardless of how long the injury has been lingering.

Sara J. Cahill


DE - "Such a worth while experience. Adam took the time to learn where my stress points were and focused on healing. I'll be a regular, for sure!"


PB - "Adam is my new best friend! He did an amazing job and put me at ease from start to finish. I needed help with a stubborn muscle and he is giving me much needed relief. So happy I found him!"


TI - "My first time getting a message. Got relief from pain I have had for years. Definitely an alternative to other treatments."


JR - "Love Healing Journey. It's awesome having a therapist that is truly passionate about what he's doing! Adam relieved me today from a week of neck pain misery. Can't wait until my next appointment!"


TG - "Adam does great deep tissue work! He quickly targets the areas that need attention and provides tremendous relief. I highly recommend you schedule an appointment with Adam. Your tight and sore muscles will definitely thank you!"


LG - "Great prices for a great massage! They're really attentive to trouble spots and trigger points and adjust the pressure to meet your needs each time. I always leave there feeling relaxed. I've been several times and will definitely go back!" 


LP -  "Serene, clean, and just what the body needs! Each message is different - specifically in response to my trouble zones and trigger points. The soothing environment and special attention to each patient's needs make this a place I'll return to again and again."


JB - "Adam was the best!! I never knew my body could feel so relaxed! I will be back soon!"


TE - "I would rate my experience as a 5!!  It was an amazing massage and I can't wait to go back!!"

TMS - "I was in a lot pain in my neck, shoulders, and lower back but after seeing Adam I am in no pain and all my tension, tightness is gone! Thanks to Adam I feel so much better!!"

TS - "Easy pre-intake online, no filling out forms! Excellent plan of addressing specific complaint areas, therapy results were fantastic! Had a great night's sleep to boot! I will be returning on a regular basis, as one session is not enough to correct my problematic areas (neck, shoulder, low back, knees, carpal tunnel, feet)"


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